Halloween Lakrids Salt and Sugar Coated Liquorice

Not for the faint-hearted. Our Halloween liquorice has a strong, intense flavour with a 5 % salmiak kick to it. With a fierce salt and sugar coating these bites are equally tangy and tempting – guaranteed to get you addicted in the most magnificent way. Sweet and salty at first, deep and chewy at the finish. 375 g

Cane sugar, rice flour, invert sugar syrup, treacle, glucose, 5 % ammonium chloride, 3,2 % raw liquorice, rape oil, 0,5 % salt, anise oil, colour: vegetable carbon, glazing agent: (shellac, gum arabic). Store in a dark, dry place.

  • 375 Gram Jar
  • Gluten Free


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